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The Balancing Act with David Gregg and Danielle Knox

Learn helpful tips about packing, unpacking and reconnecting your home electronic and entertainment equipment.

DK=Danielle Knox
DG=David Gregg
DK: Well over the next few months, many of you will be relocating. And you know what that means. You have to pack this and that and move every single thing. Well, not to worry, I’ve gotten to the bottom of the moving situation to make it just a little bit easier for you. Let’s take a look.
DK: All right, so I’m gazing into my crystal ball and I see a move is in your future. I also see all the boxes and the tape that is littering your house as you prepare for your move. But I have to tell you the one thing that is always so difficult for me is packing, unpacking and reconnecting my home electronic and entertainment equipment. But never fear because the cavalry is here. Joining us this morning as part of our My Home series is David Gregg. He is new product report and senior editor of to give us some tips and tricks in terms of making that move a little bit easier. Hey, David.
DG: Call me your stressbuster.
DK: You know, I need it because when you move, that is tough, moving your electronic equipment. So what would you say is the #1 thing people should know?
DG: First and foremost, pack properly. And a lot of people say, I got rid of the boxes that came with it originally.  Even if you aren’t using a moving company, they have a lot of those do-it-yourself centers. They sell pre-packaged boxing that is actually designed to move a flat-panel TV, to pack up your receiver and all the other gizmos you use to run your home theater. So buy the proper packaging and use a lot of care in putting padding in between all of that stuff too.
DK: Can I tell you, I’ve friends who would rather leave it there and go out and buy a new system. They don’t want to go through the trouble. What’s the advantage of moving it?
DG: Well, obviously it’s a monetary thing. If you’re on a budget, you got to stick with what you have, that makes sense. However, it’s a good time to upgrade when you move. I use a term called “techorating” so when you do your upgrading, a lot of manufacturers out there design stuff so it seamlessly integrates into your décor. From wires to blu-ray players to getting rid of all those remotes. It’s just a good time to upgrade.
DK: What are some examples then of how home technology can enhance our lives, can make our lives easier?
DG: Well obviously we are living in a digital world. We have internet access that we need, we want to watch our favorite television programs when we want, and also our telephone.
DK: I gotta tell you, our last move. It was so stressful packing up all of our equipment, and also keeping everything safe so it’s not broken when it gets to its final destination. Give me some tips on that.
DG: As I said before, you want to make sure it is properly packed. But more importantly, you want to make sure that you label. If you’re proactive with your labeling, when you start unpacking that stuff, you’ll know exactly what goes where. So you need to go out and buy a labeler, preferably one that has those colored label tapes. So when you unplug cables, wrap a label around it. Because when you unpack it all, you’ll have this headache. And of course you have to take all the dishes out of the boxes too. This can be easy.
DK: Spending a little bit of time now will make things a lot easier.
DG: Organization is key. Being proactive about it is key.
DK: Ok, so I get to my new house, you know that night I want to turn on my TV. You know I don’t want to be just sitting there in this mound of boxes overwhelmed. Give us some tips in terms of, can we get everything prearranged so that when we do reach our destination, we’ve got our cable, we’ve got our home electronics system, everything ready to go?
DG: Listen, kids want to watch their favorite movies. You need to make phone calls. You need to get online. You need it to operate seamlessly so that when you’re in your new place, you don’t have to wait for a person to show up and hook it all up. There is a website called that includes a lot of the tips we are talking about today, but more importantly gives a person the opportunity to preschedule all those services, their telephone, their Internet, their cable access. So the individual is waiting for you with a preset appointment to hook everything up. So as you are unpacking those boxes, hooking up that equipment, everything’s going to function when you want it to.
DK: Now you mentioned something called “techorating.” How does that apply to a move?
DG: It applies to a move because when you’ve got all this stuff coming out of boxes, and you start to plug it in, all of a sudden you’ve created this eyesore of all these cables, and all these wires, all of this exposed equipment. There are different types of new products coming out to make it easier. An example is this surge protector that allows you to hide all of the cables and all of the plugs. So you plug them all in, and then you just have one plug, and they’re all hidden. And here’s a way to wirelessly go online. Now this is intimidating to a lot of people. You get rid of all of the wires, take this USB that comes with this device, plug it into your computer, and three questions are answered, you’re configured and you’re online. You can hide all of your equipment behind walls and operate it with a universal remote. You don’t have to see anything in sight. So “techorating” is all about hiding the equipment so it seamlessly blends into the beautiful surroundings you’re going to be living in.
DK: So are you going to come do all this for me on my next move?
DG: Hold on, let me get my smartphone. What day are we talking about?
DK: I thought you were going to say, let me get my checkbook because you’re going to have to pay me for this one!
DG: Yeah, I also take online payments. We can work something out.
DK: Well thank you so much. You’ve been so helpful. I’m sure our audience will really love these tips and tricks when they are planning their next move.
DG: Hopefully it’s going to make it less stressful.
DK: Absolutely. Appreciate it.
DK: So if you like the idea of having your cable, your Internet, your computer, your phone, everything ready for you in your next move, simply visit There you’ll find some terrific tips in terms of helping you out for your next move, helping you out with your technology, everything you need is right there.