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Helpful Apps with David Gregg and Libby Langdon

Learn about fun and helpful smartphone and Tablet APPs that will come in handy for your next move

DG: David Gregg
LL: Libby Langdon

DG: Smartphones, tablet computers, they're going to make your life easier when you move because you're going to be able to plan that move and set up your home at the same time. I'm new product journalist David Gregg.

LL: And I'm interior designer Libby Langdon.

DG: And you know what, first let's talk about apps and as it relates to tablets and smartphones becauses those are really the things that are going to make your life easier with your move. Starting off with an interstate move and keeping your kids occupied and learning the lay of the land. One of my favorite apps is called Sunday Drives. What Sunday Drives does is make recommendations, different places to stop along the way, so you're going to get more familiar with your area that you're going to be moving to such as special scenic destinations, shopping areas and yummy restaurants.

LL: When you're moving, it's so important to find apps that are going to help you in the process. And there's one that I love called My Measures and Dimensions. And what it does is it allows you to take a photo of furniture or a living space, then you highlight it and drag it onto your screen in real time. So this is invaluable if you're out shopping and you need to check measurements of items. It's a great app to have.

DG: Get you're WiFi set up first, then download an app through your local cable company that will allow your kids to watch their favorite TV shows or  movies on their smartphones or tablet computers. And when they get put to bed after a long day of unpacking, you'll be able to enjoy your favorite TV shows too, using that same app. Technology really is making everything more fun, even moving.

LL: Set up your Internet, TV and phone service and get more of our moving tips at one stop, which is