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Before you move away from your current home, be sure to get in touch with certain people and services to let them know about your change in location.

Spread the word about your big move

If you have a major move impending, it might feel like the world revolves around your to-do list. Keep in mind, though, that you're not the only person affected by your transition. There are plenty of people you should touch base with, at least briefly, to update about this significant change in your life. Here are some suggestions to make sure no one's left out about your big news:

Send out announcements

Sure, the federal government knows that you're changing address, but have you taken a moment to let your friends and family know as well? Opt for digital message to quickly and easily announce your new digs to everyone on your list. You can choose to send a mass email or get creative with one of the many e-card options that are available online.

Of course, you can always choose the holiday card approach instead, and print up a simple message that includes your moving day and updated contact information. You don't have to worry about licking envelopes, either. Take the few lines to a printing store and have them published on postcard stock. Then all you have to do is address and stamp and your news is on its way to everyone who needs to know.

Of course, you can always go digital instead, and send out a mass email or other online announcement. This option is even 

Slim down your mailing list

Of course, it's not just friends and relatives that send you mail. Before moving, be sure to update any outstanding subscriptions to newspapers or magazines to your new address. A quick phone call to each publication's service center should do the trick. If you don't want to keep receiving certain periodicals, this might also be a good opportunity to cancel your existing services.

Reach out to service providers

If you're following your moving checklist, you've already canceled utilities like cable, electricity and water by the time the big day rolls around. What about all of the other services you enjoy in your current home town? As a courtesy, let regular providers such as hair stylists, mechanics or postal carriers know that you'll soon be at a new location.