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Before moving, make sure you've updated  your life for the 21st century travel. Here are some common errands people tend to forget during a move, and ways to take care of them in light of new digital technologies.

Moving errands to remember for the 21st century

Planning to move takes a lot of preparation, but even then there are some items that will still be left behind. The top 10 list of forgotten items as provided by Mayflower, a moving company, has been widely circulated. Yet, while this list can be helpful, it also happens to be a little outdated. Here are a few of those forgotten items, updated for the 21st century.

Updating the phone

Mayflower recommends that movers keep track of old phone numbers and update phone books. In the modern day, however, your phone numbers are likely already stored on your phone. Still, this is a good time to remember to update your cellphone contacts to better reflect the people you actually call. If you have old or outdated numbers, delete them and make room for digits from friends and neighbors in your new hometown. Additionally, some cellphone providers will upload contact lists digitally so that if you lose your phone you won't have lost your phone book. Since a misplaced phone can bring other troubles, you may also want to download an app that will lock your phone remotely should it get lost.

Switch to online banking

Another commonly forgotten errand is opening up a new bank account before moving. The list recommended that movers open the new account at least a month beforehand, so that people don't find themselves without access to their money in an urgent situation. In this modern world, however, plenty of banking is done online, so unless you have a local bank or credit union without online account access, it's not imperative that you make this transition immediately. Most national banks already offer this service. Also, if you still get paper bills, consider setting up online banking and making your life easier.

Keep track of medical records

Your health records and immunization information are among the last things you want to leave behind in your old home. A move is a good opportunity to photocopy these important documents and save them digitally. You may also want to talk to your doctor about transferring that information to another office if you have to change doctors.


Chances are, you're less likely to lose track of your address today than people were before the advent of the Internet and smartphones. Nevertheless, remember to mass message friends and family by email so that they know where to plan their next visit.