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Looking for a stylish way to store your dining room essentials? Check out design expert, Libby Langdon’s easy tips on how to arrange a dining room hutch for maximum style and space utilization. 

Libby Langdon's Stylish Tips for Dining Room Decor & Storage

When it comes to seamlessly combining dining room decor and storage solutions, design expert, Libby Langdon makes it look effortless. However, you can achieve the same look minus all the effort!

We’ve asked Libby to share her stylish expertise on how to maximize the storage space of a dining room hutch without sacrificing aesthetic. Check out Libby’s tips on how to effectively utilize the storage space of a dining room hutch by combining functionality and eye-catching dining room decor.

1. Decorate with a Cookbook 

Storage solutions and dining room decor for dining room hutch

Most of us have stacks of cookbooks lying around in our kitchens and dining rooms for when our inner chef makes an appearance. However, have you ever thought of using your favorite cookbooks as dining room decor? According to Libby, it’s all in the placement! 

Place your favorite cookbooks horizontally and vertically in several areas of your dining room hutch for an attractive way to give yourself easy access to your favorite recipes. For an extra design kick, top off your horizontal stacks with a fun ornament.

2. Utilize Colorful Platters and Plates

An eye-catching platter or large plate can go a long way when used as a decorative piece. Libby explains that your most vibrant platters can be displayed as beautiful backdrops and centerpieces for your dining room hutch. Simply arrange them to lean against the wall with the face of the plate pointing outwards. 

Dining room storage that doubles as art work? We’ll take it!

3. Place Glassware in Groupings 

If your dining room set features glass plates and glasses, be sure to group these together in attractive arrangements that add to the overall look of your dining room. Many of us tend to simply place all our glassware and crystal on one shelf. However, strategically grouping them in different areas of your hutch can offer an interesting variation to the eye.

Maximizing storage in small spaces doesn’t have to be difficult - and it certainly doesn’t need to be boring. Utilizing these Libby-approved tips will allow you to seamlessly combine smart storage with eye-catching design. If you’re a visual learner or whenever you need a refresher, watch Libby’s instructional video on Dining Room Decor & Storage Ideas on!

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