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Avoid being surprised by these moving costs before you finalize the deal and get ready to head to your new home.

3 moving expenses you might not expect

When you're writing up a moving checklist and itemizing costs, there are certain factors you're sure to take into account. For instance, how much is it going to put you back to hire professional movers or rent a truck for DIY transportation? Do you have cost-intensive repairs to make in your new space or can you move in immediately? Even thorough movers can overlook or be unaware of certain fees, however, that could contribute significantly to their budget. Here are three costs that might sneak up on you if you're not aware of them ahead of time:

1. Building fines

They say that ignorance is bliss, but failing to look into rules and regulations before moving out of your apartment complex could lead to some unwanted costs. People often forget to check with building ordinances that could restrict their moving period. For instance, many complexes enforce quiet hours or limit when and where moving trucks can approach the building. Violating these rules could land you with another cost to add to your list.

2. Municipal fees

Every municipality has its own guidelines to determine whether homeowners have to pay a fee when coming or going, so be sure to check with your current and future residences about these potential costs. It's important to look into this sooner rather than later, as totals can be in the hundreds or even thousands depending on location.

3. Outstanding payments

Although you're not responsible for outstanding fees, taxes or other costs owed on your new home, you can end up with the bill if you don't check before closing the deal. Be sure to question the seller about whether any money is still owed on your new home before the sale is finalized.