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Top Smartphone Apps for Moving Day

by Mary Leigh Howell

What did we do before smartphones? How did we find the nearest gas station or review local pizzerias? Where did we turn for weather information? If you consider your smartphone an invaluable sidekick no matter the adventure, explore these helpful apps that cover your move from start to finish.


There are at least half a dozen apps to get your move organized. Moving List (iPhone, $2.99) and Moving Planner (Android, 99¢) are two of the most common. These apps do little beyond providing checklists, but they'll keep you on track for doing what needs to be done and knowing when to do it.

For more advanced assistance, choose the My Move (Android and iPhone, free) or Moving Day (iPhone, free) apps. They go beyond checklists to help you find and review moving companies, calculate the size of moving truck needed, and create barcodes and labels for your boxes.

Medical Attention

iTriage (iPhone and Android, free)

Did you pull a muscle moving the sofa? Perhaps your little one developed a strange rash playing in the new yard. How will you find the closest medical facility? The iTriage app provides a directory of every hospital, urgent care, physician and pharmacy in the country. iTriage can give you turn-by-turn driving directions to facilities at the touch of a finger. The app also has information about symptoms, medical conditions, procedures and more.


Waze (iPhone and Android, free)

A community-based traffic and navigation app, Waze offers complete voice-guided navigation for the mover. You can also get updates on traffic jams, gas prices and even police patrolling the highway.

Stores, Services and Reviews

Around Me (iPhone and Android, free)

Is the moving van running low on gas? Need to find something for that pounding headache? Locate the nearest grocery store, gas station, bank or post office with this indispensable app. Newer versions enable you to make hotel or dinner reservations and track down the best gas prices.

Yelp (iPhone and Android, free)

Find nationwide reviews from real people on everything from auto mechanics to (petting) zoos. Or locate a restaurant that can accommodate the diet of your gluten-free five year old.


Weather Channel (iPhone and Android, free)

Sure it’s sunny at your starting locale, but will it be raining at your destination? Are you moving to a region with risks of severe weather? Using the Weather Channel app, you can check forecasts and get push alerts for severe weather. Social sharing options enable you to send grandma and grandpa a photo of the double-rainbow that just appeared over the new house.


Ambiance (iPhone and Android, $2.99)

At the end of a long moving day, all you want to do is fall into bed. But new sounds around your house – or the lack of familiar ones – can interrupt your ability to sleep well. Ambiance lets you select from more than 2,500 soothing sounds, or make your own sound blend with a custom mixer. Sweet dreams, successful mover!

Mary Leigh Howell specializes in communications for the home, furnishings and garden industries.