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Moving Tips from David Gregg and Libby Langdon

Learn about all the great moving tips, resources and services available on to help make your make your next move less stressful.

Hi I’m interior designer Libby Langdon and I’m new product journalist David Gregg and welcome to  Your one stop resource for everything that will make your next move much less stressful.  We’ll focus on tips that will include getting organized, different products to make your move easier and some decorating tips to set up once you’re in your new home.
Absolutely, part of the fun of moving is how can you spice up your new space.  So we’ve got all kinds of tips.  One thing that is really important when you’re moving into your new space is think about how you are going to actually arrange your furniture.  You’re probably taking pieces from your old home to your new home so think in terms of where is your sofa going to be placed, where’s your bookshelves going to go, where is your all-important television going to go.  We know that so often in living rooms we’re really building the room around the TV that is a big focal point and technology is so important in any home these days and that’s why it’s fun to hear some of the ideas that David has on how to incorporate and get technology up and running in your space.
And you’ll notice on the website there’s actually a section that allows you to proactively schedule the disconnect of your service and then schedule the reconnection no matter where you’re moving in the country.  And you can all do it there right there on this website just by entering in information. You can even save money which is a good thing and hard to do with a move by finding out what the local cable company in your area is providing as far as deals for services such as your telephone, your internet, your cable so when you unpack, those services are ready to go and deliver to you and make a seamless moving experience and hopefully reducing some of that stress associated with a move.
Be sure to check out tips that I have on how to style a wall unit, how to find design inspiration for your rooms, and how to have a great before and after and what are great ways to lay out your furniture. So there are all these kinds of tips and lots more from David.
And as a new product journalist, of course my focus is on what’s coming to the marketplace. A great time to upgrade your technology is on a move but before you move take all the old stuff that you’re really not using anymore – the old tower computers, the big fat televisions that are outdated – take them to a big box retailer.  A lot of them have special recycling programs that allow you to safely and responsibly recycle but at the same time some of these big box retailers even give gift cards so you can save money on future purchases, too.  So as I say a great time to upgrade and on the website, don’t forget to look for my tips for new products to make your whole move much easier and updated from a technology standpoint.  Happy moving!