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Top 5 NYC Holiday Window Displays, Free Holiday Photos and More

By Rachel from The Digital Latina

Today was a fantastic day!  We planned and executed a very fun tour of some of the most iconic holiday window displays in New York City.  For those of you who are fairly new to the area or are planning on moving here soon, you’ve got so much to look forward to!  

As a tradition, our family always pays Santa a visit but this year we decided to take our tradition to a whole new level.  With a plethora of legendary window displays right in our vicinity, why not take a walking tour and visit them?!

I encourage you and your family to take this tour.  It’s inexpensive and for families who don’t have time to spare, this tour allows you to pack a lot of fun in a small amount of time.  You will need comfy shoes, water, snacks for the little ones, a camera or camera phone and pleasant weather to accomplish this feat of visiting all the stores in a couple of hours. 


Interactive Display - Yes 
Family Photo - Not Available  

Saks Fifth Avenue’s annual holiday light show is traffic-stopping!   

Saks and MasterCard collaborated to bring guests an interactive and beautiful display that gives everyone a chance to be a part of the snowflake celebration.  Visit and to create your own personal Yeti name and snowflake, which can be ‘let go into the air’ from a phone or tablet onto the digital displays in the windows. My name was Roberrrta Noel!  Cute, right?  The famous Yeti is rumored to live on the roof of Saks Fifth avenue making snowflakes for us customers during this time of season.  The plush toy and furry book by Stephen Bucker is available for purchase inside.  

That's not all.  Another very cool window features a holiday Cadillac. The “Frozen Escalade” features the front clip of a White Diamond 2015 Escalade—a limited edition model offered exclusively to Saks customers. The display vehicle has functioning LED running lamps, which appear to be embedded and breaking through a block of ice, it's incredible.  Go see for yourself.   


Interactive Display - Yes 
Family Photo - Available for Purchase

Santa spends holiday season right at Macy's! Take a magical journey through Macy’s Santaland® on 8th Floor to meet the jolly fellow.  The fantasy world of snow-capped mountains, a holiday train, cute bears and lots of candy canes.  The 13,000 square foot Christmas Village is overflowing with holiday surprises and lots of photo opportunities for you and the kids.  

Make sure you arrive early.  The wait can be long if you arrive in the afternoon.  Bring water, snacks and something to keep the kiddies busy should you have a long wait.  The lines sometimes circle the human resources area where you may get a surprise from a few Christmas carolers or two. 


Interactive Display - No 
Family Photo – Not Available 

Fashion and surprise hits this 5th Avenue window display.  Bergdorf Goodman is celebrating Arbor Day, Valentine’s Day and Halloween, while the avenue’s smaller windows continue in theme with Thanksgiving, Mardi Gras, New Year’s Eve and even Groundhog Day.  

Be prepared to see beautiful labels like Alexander McQueen, Resort, Rodarte,  Oscar de la Renta, and Swarovski.  Arbor Day, Fashion in the Fourth of July, April Fool's Day, Halloween and Valentine's Day are the holiday themed windows and each one is mind blowing.  I felt as if I was wrapped up in each window's world.  This is definitely a feast for the eyes! 


Interactive Display - Yes 
Family Photo – Not Available

These windows boast 16 Crystorama Swarovski chandeliers for the famed Henri Bendel woman's specialty store.  Each window display honors the late Hirschfeld, an American caricaturist most notably known for his black and white portraits of celebrities and Broadway superstars.   

The main window of the Henri Bendel flagship store has been transformed into the formal dining room of a classic New York townhouse.  The scene?  A holiday party, of course. The guests?  All of Al Hirschfeld’s line drawings translated into 3D figures which include: Carol Channing, Whoopi Goldberg, Sarah Jessica Parker, Liza Minnelli, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Bernadette Peters, and Woody Allen. At the center of the window hangs a large gold-plated Crystorama chandelier glittering with Swarovski Elements.   

The centerpiece of the atrium is Henri Bendel’s iconic two-story tree, covered in malachite. Atop the tree is Al Hirschfeld’s Charlie Chaplin, also sculpted in 3D, looking down at all who enter the specialty store. Fifteen Crystorama chandeliers with Swarovski Elements adorn the tree’s many branches.   

For more information on the Crystorama sweepstakes, visit


Interactive Display - Yes 
Photo - Free, shareable version 

Lord & Taylor was the first of the city's department stores to unveil their holiday windows and boy did they set the standard high. Think vintage New York, rich in tradition and history.  I mean, that's what makes New York City so wonderful,don't you agree? The windows really capture the love and excitement the holidays bring.  From the cocoa in each hot cup of chocolaty goodness, to the intimate excitement gift exchanging brings.  

Lord & Taylor will celebrate their 100th anniversary next year and I can't wait to see what they have in store.


- A New York Holiday. 
Interactive Display - Yes 
Family Photo – Free, shareable version and hard copy

This year, rap king Jay Z collaborated to bring interactive displays to the Barney's Madison Avenue flagship store.  The windows debuts the rapper's fragrance and product line (BNY SCC).  These dazzling displays integrate fashion, design and 3D technology film projection giant Christie to create shimmering structures across Madison Avenue.  From a twinkling night sky that morphs into a slow-moving sunrise over a shimmering city on the hills to a sleigh ride that's out of this world.   

The BNY NYC Sleigh Ride, the third (corner) window display, is one for everyone to come and experience.  It was by far, the most fun of all the attractions we saw that day.  The installation features performers from the improv group Upright Citizens Brigade, who are costumed as Santa and Mrs. Claus and seated in the space-like sleigh, they are HILARIOUSLY entertaining. Children are welcome on the 3D-like ride.

Strap on your winter boots and take a look at these amazing window displays this season!  Happy Holidays!

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Happy Holidays!

Rachel Negron

About the Author:  Rachel Negron is a mommy, blogger, and super chill career woman.  She offers great reviews and advice on topics like family, beauty, food, love and technology via her blog