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Top 10 Holiday Decorating Ideas for $25 or Less

Easy Money-saving Tips for Recent Movers 

Moving near the end of the year can drain your time, energy and resources for festive holiday decorating. So Cable Mover spoke with interior designer and television personality Libby Langdon, who’s a whiz at combining small budgets with clever design ideas to make a personal  holiday statement.

Here are some of Libby's secrets for beautiful, budget-friendly holiday décor for the dining table, front door and tree, whichever holiday you celebrate.

Decorate the Dining Table

White Hot Drama
Gather tall branches and twigs from your yard or nearby woods. Spray paint them silver or white, and while they're still wet, sprinkle them with silver glitter. When dry, arrange the branches in a tall vase with rocks or stones in the base to secure them. Surround the vase with lots of white candles for a dramatic, elegant look.

Fruitful Centerpiece
Set a bed of leaves or moss down the center of your table and overlay it with baby artichokes, pears, grapes and candles.

Garland Table Garnish
Purchase or make a garland of greens a few feet longer than the length of your table. Lay it down the middle of the table and add some bends to it here and there. Mix white pillar or taper candles in the bends of the garland, add votives and you’ll have an elegant yet easy table scape. For an extra touch, add pinecones and berries to the garland.

Tea Light Table
Arrange a line of tea lights or votive candles down the center of your table, as many as will fit. It’s simple and inexpensive, and it creates a modern look.

Mirror Image Candles
Buy 12-inch-square mirrored tiles at a home improvement or craft store. Place them on entrance tables, cocktail tables, bars and buffets and group lots of votive candles or tea lights atop the tiles. When the candles are lit, the mirrors will reflect their warm glow.

Dress Up the Doorway

Door Basket
If you don’t have time to make a wreath, fill up a narrow,  deep basket with different types of greenery and berries, letting some of the foliage drape over the edge of the basket. Attach a wide piece of ribbon, about 20 inches long, to the back of the  basket and use it  to hang the basket from the top of the door.

Entry Urns
Spray gold or silver paint on several magnolia branches, including the underside of the leaves, along with a few three-to-our foot tall branches. Place two outdoor planters or urns on either side of your front door, and fill them, first with the magnolia branches, followed by the twigs. Finish by wrapping the planters or urns with wide gold or silver water-resistant ribbon.

Trade the Tree
If you normally  buy a live tree or put up a large artificial tree for the holidays, this may be the year you can save money or effort trying one of Libby's  substitutes.

Ornament Garden
Fill lots of clear glass vases, pitchers and hurricanes with different round ornaments. You can display them all together down the center of your dining table, in a windowsill or on a buffet table. They're a great way to showcase you most special ornaments in lieu of  doing a tree.

Tall Vase of Greenery
Cut several branches of evergreens, each three to four feet long, and mix them in a tall, sturdy vase or galvanized bucket with a few long twigs. Set pine cones in the bottom of the vase to secure the branches and twigs, tie a bright red ribbon around the vase and voila! It looks beautiful in a living corner or  next to a fireplace.

Twig Ornament Trees
Trim some thin branches and twigs off shrubs in your yard, some about two  to three-feet long, and set them in a vase or pitcher that can sit on a tabletop. Hang tiny ornaments on the twigs. If the ornaments are heavy, fill the vase with rocks or sand to anchor the twigs. Tie bark or greenery around the vase and secure it with a ribbon. It looks fantastic on an entryway table!

Cool Colossal Wreath
Find the largest wreath possible, add a large white satin bow and hang white sparkly ornaments on it. Display the wreath on a wall instead of on the door. It also looks great over a fireplace with lots of silver and glass candlesticks mixed together on either end of the mantel.