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Setting Out On Your Own with Libby Langdon

Learn about budget-friendly decorating tips when moving to your first place

Hi, I'm interior designer and home makeover expert Libby Langdon. It's intimidating when you're moving out on your own for the first time in a new place. And a lot of times people ask me, I don't know how to lay out my furniture in my living room. Well the first thing I tell them is, decide where your television's going to be because that's where you're going to be using the space the most. Step two, make sure you get your high-speed Internet and TV services set up as soon as possible, so you can invite all your friends over and break in your new place for your first weekend. Using your smartphone, you can go to the mobile site and arrange your services quickly and easily. Plus, you'll be able to take advantage of offers just for movers. Now that you're up and running and you've got guests over, be sure to share your WiFi access so everyone can tweet and check live scores while watching the big game. Step three, pick your palette. When it comes to choosing a color way for your room, you want to think in terms of using three different colors, two neutrals like a gray, tan or cream, and then mix in one color, like an orange, blue or red. You can also mix in different fabric styles and patterns. You just want to make sure you stay in that same three-color way. It will give you a focused, cohesive design and it'll look like a pro did it. There are more hints on home technology and design in the moving tips section of