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Decorating a Small Space with Big Style with Libby Langdon

Learn about tips to decorate a small space with style

Hi, I’m interior designer and TV makeover expert, Libby Langdon. Today there are so many movers faced with the challenges of downsizing but the good news is that it can actually be liberating to live with less space!
Here are some decorating tips on how to design a small space with big style.
First, de-clutter! Well in advance of your move, purge everything that you don’t need and even a few things that you think you do. Trust me. Less is more and you don’t want to have to pay to move all of that stuff.  
Clutter is mentally stifling and visually it makes the space look much smaller. Sometimes living with less is the ultimate luxury.
If you’re designing a small bedroom create a super high headboard.  What that’s going to do is visually draw your eye upward, make the ceiling seem higher and the room feel bigger.  And it doesn’t have to be expensive.  You could take a cool old door, flip it on its side and mount it on the wall.  You could hang floor to ceiling drapes behind an existing headboard. Or you could use an object like an Asian screen.  Ordinary items can make extraordinary headboards! 
In any small room, don’t feel like you have to use a small rug. If it’s really small it’s going to end up just looking like a postage stamp sitting in the middle of the room.  Instead you want to use a larger rug which visually is going to extend the space and give the illusion of more square footage.  And it doesn’t have to cost a lot.  You can go to a carpet warehouse and buy a wall to wall remnant. Have them cut it to the size of your room.  It’s going to look great and it’s inexpensive.
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