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Budget-Friendly Products to Help You Get Settled with David Gregg

Learn about money-saving tips like purchasing the right TV for your space and bundling your cable services.

If you’re one of 45 million people planning to move this year, I’ve got some great money-saving tips that won’t break the bank.
I’m new product journalist David Gregg.
And talking about TVs that’s a big purchase that a lot of people will be making this year especially if you’re planning a move.  Bigger is not always better.  Actually you can save a lot of money by going with a smaller screen TV but most people don’t know what size to get.  If you go to we’ve got a special sizing chart available for you to figure out exactly what size TV to get for the dimension of the room you’re placing it in.  
Additionally, forgoing features that offer limited benefits like 3D-TV and higher refresh rates will allow TV shoppers to save money and not forfeit quality TV picture viewing.
Movers can get additional savings by bundling their communication and entertainment needs with their new cable company.   You’ll be able to free yourself from all those added costs associated with dealing with multiple companies for all their TV programming, hi-speed internet and phone and those long term contracts.
Factor in the huge content delivery and reliability of digital cable along with their On Demand and DVR services and you’ve got a winning combination only made possible by Cable!