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Moving can be a bumpy ride.  We can’t fix all the ups and downs, but we can help smooth the way with practical tips for every stage: preparing for your move, packing and getting settled.  David Gregg, Executive Director, Consumer Product Newsgroup, and interior designer Libby Langdon have years of experience under their belts – check out their moving tips below!

Expert Moving Tips

Affordably Minneapolis: The "Artsy-est" City That No One Knows About

The cities that come to mind when people mention art galleries, theaters and billion dollar corporations are places such as New York, Chicago and Atlanta. But not many know that Minneapolis boasts these same attractions and much more. Minneapolis may be best known as the land of a thousand lakes, but it also has more performance theater seats per capita than any other U.S. city besides New York. With its gorgeous architecture, big-name corporations and rich art scene, Minneapolis is fast becoming one of the best cities to move to.

Creating the Perfect Floor Plan Before Making the Move

Whether you're taking the plunge and moving into a bigger home or trimming down and settling into a more compact spot, it's important to plan out your space before moving day. Here's how to create the perfect floor plan before making the move. 

Do I Really Need Moving Insurance?

Moving is exhausting. When a moving company sends you the contract, they'll probably inform you that their service includes insurance that will cover you in the event of damage during the trip. If you read the fine print, that coverage may not protect all of your belongings and you may need additional moving insurance to safeguard your stuff.

How I Got My Security Deposit Back Without A Hassle

Like most people, my experience moving out of apartments have been mostly terrible and it had a lot to do with getting my security deposit back. This time around, I was determined to make a clean break with my landlord without wasting my hard-earned money. Here's how I did it.

Affordably Seattle: 6 Trendy Neighborhoods That Are Easy on the Budget

Despite its high precipitation rate, Seattle remains one of the trendiest cities in the United States, attracting homeowners and renters of all ages and backgrounds. The home values scare off some prospective residents, but there are several hip Seattle neighborhoods that carry affordable price tags.

Affordably LA: Budget Neighborhoods Amongst the Stars

Even if you don't have millions of dollars of disposable income to drop on a luxury mansion in the star-studded hills of Los Angeles, you can still find a comfortable, safe neighborhood in LA. If you make your home in one of these neighborhoods, you might even spot a celebrity or two while you walk your dog.

What I Learned From My Out-of-State Moving Nightmare

I still can't believe how dumb I was. I finally earned my dream job and all I had to do was pack up my stuff and move from my family's home in Macon, Georgia, to my new residence in Mountain View, California. Read on as I relay my tale of woe, remembering that all of my wounds were self-inflicted. Hopefully, you'll learn from my many mistakes.

The Ultimate Moving Timeline From Start To Finish

Moving is no easy task. Streamline your experience with this smart timeline that guides you all the way from two months ahead to actual moving day.

How Downsizing Your Home Can Grow Your Wallet

More and more Americans are realizing the benefits of moving to a smaller home. Take a closer look to learn more about real estate's downsizing trend and why everybody's doing it.

Your Guide to Efficiently Packing a Moving Truck

Moving all your belongings is incredibly stressful. You'll spend several days packing and unpacking, and you don't want the process to take longer than is absolutely necessary. Here's a guide to packing a moving truck in a safe, stress-free way.

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