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Moving can be a bumpy ride.  We can’t fix all the ups and downs, but we can help smooth the way with practical tips for every stage: preparing for your move, packing and getting settled.  David Gregg, Executive Director, Consumer Product Newsgroup, and interior designer Libby Langdon have years of experience under their belts – check out their moving tips below!

Expert Moving Tips

Take or Toss: What to Pack & What to Get Rid of During a Move

Getting rid of old stuff can be tough but it must be done, especially if you’re moving. Learn what to take & what to toss when packing for a big move.

5 Spectacular Benefits of a Summer Move

Upcoming move? Moving season kicked off in May and many people are gearing up to make the transition - learn why the warm, summer months are the best time for a big move.

3 Important Reminders When Transferring Your Cable

Moving is exciting but it can be hectic as well. Between cleaning, packing and a growing list of other must-do's, it's easy to forget the smaller yet important tasks such as transferring your cable. If you have a big move coming up, check out what not to forget when transferring your cable service.

How I Paid the Price for Hiring Bad Movers

I had just graduated from college and received a job offer from a large, Los Angeles financial firm. As I had to move in less than a month, I needed to find an affordable moving company fast. When I finally found one that was almost 25% less than the average price that other movers had quoted me, I was overjoyed! Little did I know that only focusing on price would cost me in the end. 

4 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Moving Company

If you have a big move around the corner, you’re probably wondering if a moving company is the best way to go. Unfortunately, the task of finding the right company is almost half the battle, but we’ve got you covered. Check out our list of things to research when hiring a moving company to handle your next big move.

4 Factors to Consider When Moving into a New Neighborhood

Moving is an exciting time, but there are also many crucial factors to consider and which neighborhood to move is a major one. Everything from grabbing coffee to your weekend grocery run, your neighborhood is an essential part of your life. This is why it’s wise to select your neighborhood home very carefully. While the criteria to consider varies from person to person, here are four basic factors to evaluate when choosing the perfect neighborhood to call home.

4 Online Furniture Retailers for Your Next Move

A big concern for those who are moving is the process of transporting large pieces of furniture. You could either hire a moving company or do it DIY-style, but depending on how large the pieces are, this can be challenging. This is when upgrading your furniture as you move in may be a good idea - check out these online furniture retailers that can offer you the revamp you've been longing for.

Millennial Movers: Top 5 Cities for Gen Y

When you think of Millennials, the cities that come to mind are usually New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, but according to Time’s recent article on the top five cities for Millennials to move to, these aren’t among the top choices. However, cost of living and job growth may be the reasons why the following five cities did make the cut.

The Resourceful Mover: 4 Tips for DIY Moving

Even when it comes to large endeavors like moving, DIY is your mantra. Maybe you considered hiring a professional moving company at first, but then decided you could conquer it without their help. You have a take charge attitude, and we like that! Moving isn’t an easy task but it doesn’t have to be complicated either. Check out these resourceful, moving tips that will have your DIY-loving spirit shout for joy.

4 Tips to Make Moving in the Winter Easier Than You Thought

Moving in the winter requires more strategy, planning and research than moving when it's warm. However, benefits such as better move-in specials and less competition for available rentals are incentives that may convince you that it's a good idea. If you do happen to be braving through a move during the winter months, here are 4 ways to make it easier on yourself and your family.

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