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Moving can be a bumpy ride.  We can’t fix all the ups and downs, but we can help smooth the way with practical tips for every stage: preparing for your move, packing and getting settled.  David Gregg, Executive Director, Consumer Product Newsgroup, and interior designer Libby Langdon have years of experience under their belts – check out their moving tips below!

Expert Moving Tips

No-Transport Zone: 3 Types of Items Your Movers Will Not Move

Packing for a move? Before you pack hundreds of boxes for your moving company to transport, save yourself lots of time and hassle by learning what movers will not move.

Upsize Your Decor: How to Decorate After Moving to a Larger Space

Have you recently  moved into a larger home or apartment? While upgrading your living space is a reason to celebrate, you’ll also need to upsize your decor. Check out these tips on how to decorate a larger space.

How to Approach a Home Inventory During a Move

If you’ve been putting off completing a household inventory, we don’t blame you. But a home inventory is an arduous task that you’ll need to tackle at one point or the other. Learn why and how to do one during a big move.

How to Avoid Moving Fraud & Scams During a Big Move

Nobody wants added stress during a hectic process such as moving. If you’re preparing to move or in the middle of one, it’s important that you protect yourself. Learn these ways to avoid fraud & scams during a big move.

Practical Decor: How to Repurpose Furniture for a Smaller Space

Recently downsized to a new home? If you’re looking to repurpose old furniture after a big move, check out these furniture repurposing tips that are ideal for a smaller space.

Getting Settled: How to Find a Primary Care Doctor After a Move

If you’ve moved recently, don’t leave the task of finding a new primary care doctor until the 11th hour. Check out these tips on how to find a doctor in your new town.

My First Housewarming Party: 4 Things I Wish I'd Done Differently

When I moved into a new apartment, I could barely wait to host my first housewarming party, but looking back, there’s many things I wish I’d done differently. Learn from my rookie mistakes so that you don’t suffer through the same housewarming fails that I did.

The First Month: Move-in Checklist

Your to-do list during the month after a move is vital for getting settled in your new environment. Whether cross country or across town, get a week-by-week breakdown of the post-moving tasks you can’t afford to forget.

How Moving into the Right Apartment Can Improve Your Life

Moving to the right apartment that aligns with your lifestyle and personality can be a catalyst to produce great things in your life. Check out our reasons for why finding the right apartment can be so beneficial.

Highway to Subway: My Transition to Public Transportation After a Big Move

Public transportation can be a lifesaver for commuters but if you’re a newbie to public transportation, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Check out these 4 tips on switching from highways to subways after a big move.

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