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CableMover 2014 Home Technology Resources: A Better Way to Wirelessly Share Music in Your New Home

David Gregg: A Better Way to Wirelessly Share Music in Your New Home

Compiled by David Gregg – Senior Editor of

Bluetooth speakers have been the standard means of wirelessly sharing music from our digital devices for nearly 15 years.  This technology has been a source of frustration for consumers for two key reasons.  First, the maximum range for the speakers is limited to only 30 feet and, secondly, the process involved with pairing your devices to a Bluetooth speaker is tedious.

A new company named Korus has introduced a line of wireless speakers that employ a proven technology called SKAA.  SKAA has been used by manufacturers of pro instruments such as guitars and keyboards to wirelessly deliver music to big PA speaker systems.  SKAA successfully removes the two major obstacles -- limited range and pairing requirement -- posed by Bluetooth speakers.  

The 150 foot range of SKAA’s wireless signal provides much greater options for speaker placement.  The use of a plug-in “baton” device allows you to instantly stream your music from your tech device to the Korus speakers, removing the need to go through the multi-step process of pairing your device.  By passing your Korus baton, or sharing an additional baton with another person, one can easily share their tunes -- and this capability can come in really handy at your next party!  Note that Korus speakers are not for the budget conscious.  However, when you weigh the value of the convenience factors along with the big sound, you can’t go wrong replacing your current Bluetooth speakers with these music makers!

The Korus V400 Premium Wireless Home Speaker Starter Kit includes: (1) V400s Premium Wireless Home Add-On Speaker (Black) Lightning Connector Baton Wireless Audio Transmitter (Black) 30-Pin Baton Wireless Audio Transmitter (Black) USB Baton Wireless Audio Transmitter (Black) (2) USB Charge Cables with 30-Pin and Lightning Connectors (White)  - The patented SKAA audio technology in Korus speakers delivers exceptional clarity and detail over greater distances than standard Bluetooth.  Switch and share music devices on the fly, in seconds.  Just pass your Korus Baton to a friend so they can share their favorites with you. It is also an excellent choice for a neighborhood block party or other large gathering that may require you to make music selections on the fly from far away. No setup, no pairing, no network passwords.  Stream audio to a single speaker or up to four simultaneously.  Each Korus speaker remembers up to 10 Batons. Thanks to its size and flexible sharing options you can put one in every room of your home!    $349.99

If you just moved and are looking for an excellent way to upgrade your ability to wirelessly play music inside and outside of your home, Korus should be “music to your ears!”

DISCLOSURE:  David Gregg has not received any compensation from the product manufacturers in exchange for featuring them in these information resources for