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Looking for moving hacks that’ll make moving day a breeze? If moving blankets and straps are foreign terms to you, not to worry! Check out this list of time-saving tools for moving.

Moving Hacks: 3 Time-Saving Tools for Moving

If you thought moving tools are limited to a few cardboard boxes, tape and a dolly, prepare to be surprised. Moving is an undoubtedly hectic process but there are a number of moving tools to help make it run smoother.

If you have a big move ahead, check out these essentials tools that will make your transition a breeze!

1. Use Hand Trucks for Smaller Items 

If you’re a seasoned veteran when it comes to moving, you’ve most likely used a dolly for moving large appliances or pieces of furniture. However, you may not know that a hand truck works better when moving smaller boxes and packaged items.

A hand truck is a two-wheeled, upright cart with a plate or platform which you slide under your cargo for easy transportation of small to mid-sized boxes. While you may still need the dolly for your heavy-duty items, a hand truck is ideal for transporting your delicate boxes - and can help prevent damage to your back as well.

2. Let Moving Straps Do The Work For You

Moving straps to make lifting easier when moving

If you’ve heard of weight lifting straps, moving straps work the same way except that instead of helping you lift weights at the gym, it helps you lift heavy items into a moving truck. Moving straps go around the underside of the item and then around your body to evenly distribute the weight of what you're lifting. Moving straps have multiple benefits including proper back support, capacity to lift heavier items and a reduced risk of damage.

3. Use Moving Blankets For a Damage-Free Move

Using moving blankets as a tool for moving

Moving blankets are a common tool used by professional movers but if you’re completing a DIY move, we recommend investing in a few of these handy items as well. Moving blankets are ideal for protecting your belongings as well as your walls and floors as they add an additional layer of security around your most valuable items.

Even the most careful mover is prone to accidentally nicking a wall or scraping a smooth wood floor so moving blankets are useful for moving veterans as well as the rookies.

If you’re looking for ways to make your move even more efficient, these tools will help you get there. Whether you’ve hired a moving company or going at it yourself, when it comes to moving, you can use all the help you can get. Investing in these essential tools will make your move as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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