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CableMover 2014 Home Technology Resources: Affordable solutions for setting up your home’s audio and video equipment wirelessly

David Gregg - Affordable solutions for setting up your home’s audio and video equipment Wirelessly

Compiled by David Gregg – Senior Editor of

Most of today’s flat panel TVs can be operated with just two connections --the power cord and a single cable called an HDMI (hi-definition multimedia interface).  However, what happens if your cable box is no where near your wall mounted TV and you don’t have the time, budget or ability to run an HDMI cable through your walls floors or ceiling?  The only option used to be placing all of the equipment and connecting wires in direct view of your entire living space…until now!  Wireless TV connection for HDTVs have become far more affordable and reliable.  I recently connected all of my own video equipment using the product I mention below and the results have been outstanding.  My cable box and blu-ray player all operate at the highest resolution (1080p) that they are capable of delivering.  You would never know the HD signal is being wirelessly transmitted to my TV!  Here’s the scoop on one of my favorite new home technology products…

IOGEAR's INNOVATIVE WIRELESS 3D DIGITAL KIT is capable of streaming uncompressed Full HD 1080p with support for the latest 3D movie content along with 5.1 digital surround sound audio up to 100 feet away within the home, through walls and ceilings.  Consolidate your HDMI A/V electronics, such as Blu-ray players, Cable DVR/ Set-top box, DVD players and computers to design your own custom entertainment space. You will have the ability to set up an HDTV in your living room and add an additional room--like your bedroom, den, loft or kitchen—wirelessly. The Wireless 3D Digital Kit does not require a line-of-sight placement, keeping home theater devices neatly out of sight.  $184.99

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