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October is Cyber Security Month – How can you protect and back-up ALL of Your Digital Data with a new form of cloud computing?

CableMover 2014 Home Technology Resources: Cyber Security

Compiled by David Gregg – Senior Editor of

If your upcoming move is scheduled for the month of October, it just happens to coincide with Cyber Security Month.  Now that most aspects (financial, medical, entertainment, etc.) of our lives are managed via technology, everyone needs to be more careful about protecting the information we store on our tech devices.   Moving is a good time to evaluate and upgrade our technology to ensure our computer’s data is safe and secure. 

Without the proper precautions such as virus protection software and a password protected wireless router, our personal data can be easily compromised.  Google recently partnered with some major computer manufacturers (HP and LG) to introduce the world’s first totally cloud based computers.  Since all of your computer’s data is accessed and stored in the cloud, a Google Chrome OS (Operating System) based computer removes the need for these computers to have an internal hard drive.  A few of the benefits of owning a computer without an internal hard drive include instant access to all of your content, no need for virus protection software, and free software updates.  Additionally, anyone using a Google Chrome Cloud based computer can securely access all of their content (documents, pictures, music, videos, etc.) from any web connected device (tablet, smart phone, laptop), no matter where they are!

Below is an example a Cloud Based/All-In-One desktop computer recently introduced from LG:


The new LG Chromebase, an All-in-One desktop computer powered by Google’s Chrome OS, is faster, simpler, more secure and affordable.  All content (including family photos and videos) is stored in the cloud, making it accessible from other devices, such as tablets or other computers, as long as they are connected to the Internet.  Unlike traditional computers, users no longer have to purchase security software or new versions of word processing and other common software – they are provided for free through automatic updates and are therefore always up-to-date.  The LG Chromebase features a 21.5-inch Full HD IPS display capable of providing accurate color, vivid contrast and an ultra-wide viewing angle.  The LG Chromebase comes with a welcome package which includes free 100GB storage for 2 years and free Google Play music streaming for two months.

LG Chromebase is available at Amazon, Newegg, Fry’s Electronics, Micro Center and Tiger Direct.



The only negative aspect of using a cloud based computer is that you must be connected to the internet (wired or wireless connection) in order access your content.   In the event you experience a power outage in your home you will need an alternate way (e.g. wireless card or go to another location with a wifi hotspot) for your computer to get online and access your software and files.  However, the upside with a cloud based computer is that your content will always be secure and you’ll never have to worry about it disappearing -- which can be the case with a hard drive based computer.

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