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10 Reasons To Love Living In Florida

CableMover guest column from Makobi Scribe

Living in Florida is sort of the equivalent to living in paradise. Palm trees, beaches with white sand, and my house are all within a few miles of each other. (Ok, so the palm tree is actually in my yard.) When you think of Florida the first thing you probably think of is Disney World. While yes, the mouse is hard to resist, Florida has a lot more to offer to people of all ages. I have lived in Florida my entire life, and I could never imagine living anywhere without a beach within driving distance. From coast to coast, there are actually a lot of great reasons to love living in Florida.

1. Orlando 
Walt Disney World and Universal studios have called Orlando home for so many years that it's hard to look past them when talking about Orlando. Ok, so it's actually impossible to look past them. Because of Universal Studious and largely because of Disney, Orlando has become one of the most recognized cities in our country!


2. Beaches Galore 
663. That number represents the miles of beach that Florida has to offer. From private to public, state owned to doggie dominated, there is a beach for everyone. What's more amazing is that you can be relaxing in the Gulf of Mexico, drive clear across the state in just under 3 hours, and enjoy the Atlantic Ocean all in the same day.

3. Mermaids 
No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. We really do have mermaids in Florida! They can be found at Weeki Wachee Springs. Weeki Wachee is a preserve and park that has been featuring underwater mermaid shows for close to 70 years. Park guests have included Elvis Presley and Larry the Cable Guy among many others.


4. Theme Parks & Attractions 
It doesn't matter where in Florida you are, you are probably within an hour of a theme park or attraction of some sort. Between theme parks, zoos and water parks you can never say that you had a boring weekend when living here!

5. The Keys 
The Florida Keys consists of a staggering 1700 islands, making up a total land area of 137.3 square miles. That equates to a lot of teeny tiny islands! The Keys are incredibly famous for its fishing, snorkeling, and Mile Marker 0, which is the Southernmost Point in the United States. It is only a 90-mile swim to Cuba; so jump on in!

6. Sunsets 
You will never go anywhere in the world and see a sunset like you will in Florida. Sunsets in Florida are breathtaking and picturesque. You won't believe it until you see for yourself, and will be in awe when you see colors that you didn't think were possible by nature.


7. History 
This is probably one of the coolest parts to living in Florida. We are home to the oldest city in America, Saint Augustine. Established in 1565, you can visit the old jail and schoolhouse that are still standing today. Then check out Castillo San Marcos, the oldest masonry fort in the United States. Afterwards, take a ghost tour at the St. Augustine Lighthouse.

8. Miami 
"Bienvenido a Miami" Who else remembers that catchy song by Will Smith? Our American culture has been so ingrained with Miami references that we can be anywhere in the country and still feel a piece of Miami close to our hearts. Scarface, CSI Miami, Miami Vice, Dexter and Ace Ventura are just a few reasons why Florida is where it's at!

9. The Weather 
Need I say more? Our seasons do not include winter. We just skip right over it from fall to spring. Ok, sometimes we get down to a brisk 40 degrees overnight. That's when we break our winter coat out of storage. Aside from that, it's sunshine and suntans all day everyday in the Sunshine State!

10. Vacation 
Living in Florida is like being on vacation all the time. You can take a weekend and go to any of the aforementioned cities and still be only a few hours from home! Vacation=Staycation when you live in Florida!

Whether you are relocating, retiring or just stopping by to say hi, Florida is a state that will meet your every need. If you are in the process of moving, check out, to help you find the best deals for TV, Internet & phone service; then throw on your mouse ears, grab your scuba gear and relax under a palm tree.